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Thermal-Imaging Inspections


What is a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

The Barrie Home Inspector has invested in this technology to provide their clients with the best possible inspection available in Simcoe County. Thermal Imaging is the measurement of energy wavelengths emitted from materials. Each product has its own energy signature and this allows your professional home inspector to record any variances from the norm. This shows up as hot spots, cold spots and even drafts when there is a temperature differential of 10 degrees or more. As shown on our Themal Imaging page, what looks normal to the naked eye can often be concealing hidden damage. We are offering our thermal scanning at no extra charge in conjunction with our home inspection package.


What is inspected?


Free Thermal Imaging Scan includes Exterior Walls and Main Electrical Panel.


Thermal Imaging is an advanced technology used to detect infrared energy waves which are outside of our visible human light spectrum. The main advantage of this technology is it provides a non-destructive and non-invasivemeans of inspecting many applications and can be used to help detect many types of defects in homes and their systems including but not limited to: Heat Loss, Water Leaks, Prsence of Moisture and overheating electrical components.


Themal Imaging Spectrum


Thermal Imaging Spectrum

This Thermal Imaging spectrum shows the difference in light waves which are visible to humans and also depicts the area visible using Thermal Technology.


Thermal Imaging has made a significant impact on the Home Inspection industry with the reduction in costs associated with owning a Thermal Imaging Camera. Investing in new technology has always been a priority with my company and we were the first Home Inspection company in Simcoe County to offer this Free service with our home inspections. Even Mike Holmes has been a vocal advocate of Thermal Imaging Cameras and I believe all his “home inspectors” now offer this service as part of the Mike Holmes package.


Thermal imaging is not magic, some people will try and convince you that it is, but simply a device that measures light that the human eye cannot see. You can buy Infrared film for you older style film cameras and take your own Thermal Imaging pictures. There are even animals who naturally have the ability to see images in the infrared spectrum. Thermal Imaging is a tool that can aid in finding missing insulation, electrical hot spots, moisture problems, water leaks, in-floor heating problems, flat roof problems and finding where plumbing or electrical cables are located prior to renovating. This is not magic, no more than using moisture meter or video camera snake for inspections.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating conditions below the surface. Because everything from faulty wiring to the presence of termites to mold to wet insulation affects the surrounding temperature, heat-sensitive photography can reveal these and other issues that just cannot be seen by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography. In providing thermal imaging reports we can document a hidden fault for corrective action or to prioritize repairs. For an energy loss we can show exactly where cold air is entering the home or heat is being lost, along with energy dollars. You can also document the safety of a property by revealing dangerous electrical hot spots or the presence of harmful mold. Thermal photography lets us deliver a more thorough and in-depth report to our clients.


Lack of or missing insulation can be detected with the proper use of thermal imaging cameras except that unless there is a temperature difference of over 10 degrees the information is basically useless. Thermal imaging will only measure differences in temperature and is unable to measure the thickness of your insulation. If the temperature difference is not extreme then the insulation will perform its job even if not installed to required R value. So as you can see Thermal Imaging does have its limitations.




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