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Curling Shingles

Curling Shingles on Barrie Home InspectionCurling: Another condition that becomes worse with age is curling. The edges of the roof shingles curl under as the roof ages. As with a roof that is cupping the curling roof is very brittle. A roof that is curling requires replacement as soon as possible in order to avoid water infiltration.

Cupping: Roofing shingles gradually lower in the center and raised at the ends, almost like a U-shape. Cupping is a signs of an older and well worn shingle roof. Cupping is a normal wear pattern that progressively gets worse as the roof get older. A cupped roof surface will be very fragile and should not be walked on because major damage will occur to the asphalt shingles

Granular loss: The purpose of the granular material on top of the mat is to protect the asphalt shingle from ultraviolet rays. These granules give the asphalt roof covering its color. Some loss of protective granular material is normal. This normal condition can sometimes be viewed as granules laying in the bottom of the gutters. As the roof gets older granular loss may increase where ultimately areas of roof mat are fully exposed to the elements. These exposed sections of shingle mat will wear out at a much greater rate because of the exposure to ultraviolet rays and other weather conditions.

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