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Galvanized Plumbing

Galvanized Plumbing in Barrie and area homes

Galvanized plumbing was used extensively in homes until the 1950s. It had a long life expectancy of about 40-50 years. The Barrie Home Inspector still finds homes with galvanized plumbing. Despite its long life, galvanized plumbing today is an important item to consider when noted on your home inspection. This is any remaining galvanized plumbing has typically now reached the end of its life expectancy. As it ages, galvanized plumbing rusts. You may notice rusty water when first turning on the tap. It rusts from the inside out. Eventually, it will rust through the pipe and you will have a water leak. Galvanized plumbing can actually form tiny rust holes which seal themselves with more rust, over time. In the meantime, the pipe is at increased risk of leaking, as minor scratching of these areas can open up the rust holes and leak water. Another symptom you may encounter is reduced water pressure. The rust builds up inside the piping, reducing the inside diameter of the pipe and thus reducing the water pressure. Hot water and horizontal galvanized supply plumbing tends to rust more quickly. Most Barrie and area insurance companies will not insure homes with Galvanized Plumbing. If you do decide to buy a home that has Galvanized Plumbing is may be a good idea to find out who the existing insurer is so that you can also use their services.

Open Plumbing Vents

Open Plumbing Vent in Attic

Do It Yourself Plumbers never fail to amaze me. Many homes have open vents in their attics, laundry rooms and crawl spaces. People do not understand that having an open vent in your home allows sewer gas to enter and collect. There is also danger of Methane gas build up which could cause disasterous results. Every drain line in your house should be trapped which stops any fumes or gases from entering your home. Your main vent stack is supposed to pass through attic through a flashing and extend above the roof. The vent is this picture has caused some moisture staining on plywood which will turn into mould. There is damage to plywood and insulation .(which may have to be partially removed)

Video with Pictures from Home Inspection Company

Short Video of Plumbing Leak in Wall


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