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Double Tap Connections

Double Tap Connections Found in Barrie Home InspectionFinding two or more electrical wires connected to screw for breaker of fuse holder is one of the most common electrical deficencies I find doing home inspections in the Barrie, Alliston and Orillia areas. The Electrical Safety Authority does not typically recommend this practice unless breaker is designed for two wires and wires should be of the same size to prevent possibility of arcing.

In Ontario many ESA inspectors will accept Door Bell wire on same breaker but if not the same gauge wire as circuit again the arcing issue becomes a sticking point. I would recommend having two wires joined with pigtail and then using one wire on breaker, just to be on the safe side.

Electrical Cables in Steet Stud WallsAny time I am doing a Home Inspection and I come across a renovation involveing steel studs I start looking at the electrical wires and connections. Steel stud walls are required to have grommets used at every stud. This is to prevent the wall from becoming electrified and to prevent short circuits. Once a wall is covered up it is hard to inspect so you have to look in any crack or opening available to confirm that wiring was done appropriately

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