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Wood Deck Construction

Building Permits Required

The Ontario Building Code Act requires a permit to be issued prior to starting construction, if the deck is attached to the house or the deck exceeds 10m2 (108ft2) in area or is greater than 2 ft above ground level.

What is Required for Permit

With the submission of a Building Permit Application we will require:

1. A copy of a survey/site plan showing:

Lot lines including dimensions.

Location of proposed deck dimensioned to all other buildings and lot lines and the municipal address.

2. One copy of the deck construction drawings. The drawings must have sufficient detail so that someone, following the drawings, could build the deck.

The following shall be provided:

Foundation Plan detailing:

Footing size and location.

Size, span, and direction, of beams, floor joist and decking.

Dimensions of all components.

Elevations to show:

The general appearance of the deck.

Cross Section detailing:

Footing depth and construction.

Height of deck walking surface above grade.

Height of guard above walking surface.

Step details.

Deck construction.

Guard construction.

Details, such as deck to house connection.

3.Two Copies of manufacture's installation instructions for proprietary products and materials if applicable.

4. Payment of a permit fee

  1. Sample Drawing and Dimensions

Deck Construction and Dimensions Sample


The owner of a house is allowed to prepare and take responsibility for the design of a deck attached to a house without having to be qualified under the Ontario Building Code. However, the owner must still prepare plans and specifications in sufficient detail to demonstrate the project will comply with all technical requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Any persons other than the owner who prepare plans and specifications and take responsibility for the design of an attached deck or a detached deck (for a house) greater than 50m2 (538ft2) must possess the required technical qualifications prescribed under the Ontario Building Code but need not be a registered designer (for which they would have required liability insurance).

Deck Blocks

Deck Blocks can only be used for support where:

1. The deck is not attached to the house.

2. The deck is less tahan 55m2 ( 592ft2) in area.

The distance from the finished ground to the under side of the floor joists is not more than 600mm (23 5/8 inches) at any point. Some areas take the top of the finished deck as measuring point.

Wood Columns

1. The minimum size of wood columns shall not be less than 140 mm X 140mm (6"X6") unless calculations are provided from a qualified person confirming that a lesser size is adequate, and

2. Columns greater than 600mm (23 5/8 in) in length shall be laterally supported by cross-bracing.


If the deck is more than 600mm (23 5/8 in) off the ground, a minimum 900mm (35 in) high guard must be placed around the deck.

If the deck exceeds 1800mm (5ft 11 in) above the ground, a 1070mm (42 in) high guard must be installed.

All openings in the guards must not exceed 100mm (4 in). If a bench is incorporated into the guard the required guard height is measured above the bench surface (P.Eng may be required). Guards must comply with SB-7 or be engineered or have BMEC authorization.

Always check with your city or municipal building department for local bylaws, rules or intrepatations that they are enforcing.


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