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There are two benefits of an effective attic ventilation system: a cooler attic in summer, and a dryer attic in winter. Both benefits result in energy savings, greater homeowner comfort and higher structural integrity of the home.


Summer Heating of AtticThe principal cause of the build up of heat in your attic is direct sunlight on the roof of the home. This is radiated heat, and even on a cloudy day, there is an appreciable amount transmitted to a roof.

The blazing sun's rays beat down on your roof causing attic temperatures to soar, sometimes to over 160 degrees! This heat forces its way through the insulation and into your home, then your AC system must remove the heat from your living space... and that will cost you a bundle!

The Ontario Building Code requires 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet. [for roof slope greater than 1 in 6]. Twenty-Five percent of this ventilation is required at the bottom of your roof (soffits) and Twenty-Five percent at the top(peak). The remaining fifty percent can be spaced anywhere on your roof although most designers simply just put venting at your soffits and upper roof areas.

Moisture in Attic When your attic is not properly ventilated moisture rises with the hot air escapes from your home and forms condensation on the inside of the roof deck. This moisture is released into the air inside the house from bathing, cooking, plants, laundry and other causes. When the condensation forms on the roof deck, it begins to rot the wood and introduces mold spores into the air, as well as damaging the wood structure of your roof. The result, if the problem is not noticed and repaired, can be destruction of all or part of the roof deck and creation of unhealthy air inside the house. In some extreme cases, condensation can be bad enough to cause water dripping mistaken for a leaking roof, and bad mold spots appear on the interior ceiling.


Roof Ice DamIce Dams are created when you have fairly large snowfall and the snow melts and re-freezes before being channeled away from your roof. This is usually caused by a warmer roof surface than the exterior temperature. This simply means that the temperature of your shingles is slightly above freezing when the outside temperature is below freezing. The "warmer" your roofs temperature is translates to larger ice dams. Non-functioning eaves troughs can also cause ice dams on your roof. Improper pitch or blockage due to debris etc will cause the appearance of ice dams.


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