Professional Home Inspections starting at $349.00 including$50.00 per appliance WETT inspection with Money-Back Guarantee

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$349.00 Residential Inspections

The Barrie Home Inspector is committed to providing the best possible service at a price that is un-matched by the competition. We have been providing Professional Home Inspection services to the Barrie area for over eight years. With over 5,000 residential inspections we are the Premier Building Inspector in Simcoe County. Our commitment to our customers and investment in the latest technology ensures our leadership in the home inspection field. Our company now offers FREE Thermal Imaging as part of our inspection package, electical and insulation scans.

Enjoy "Peace of Mind" knowing your home has been inspected by a "Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association. This designation is only awarded to those who have passed the Part 9 and Part 3 Ontario Building Code requirements of the OBOA and the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs. Buying a new home is very stressful and ensuring that you will not have any un-expected surprises when you move in is very important. We are so confident in the quality of servic that we back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked.

We request all potential buyers attend the building inspection to learn about their new homes systems and components. This is an ideal time to ask questions and learn about the different sytems that operate and support your home. Our computerized inspection reports are detailed and typically contain from 50 to 75 pictures of your homes components and systems. Any deficiencies, whether workmanship or maintenace related are itemized with graphical details and pictures.

Many competitors will state that a "Residential Property Inspection" is not Building Code related, but if you do not know what the minimum building code requirements are, how can you identify what is deficient. We typically find deficiencies that the Municipal Building Inspector's should have noted and were never corrected. When choosing your next home inspection company, choose one with the training to ensure your "Peace of Mind".

We also inspect homes in Alliston, Orillia, Cottages and Cottage Properties in all of Simcoe County

Barrie's Home Inspector defect view of thermal image of moisture found during home inspections in Ontario

Thermal Imaging allows us to see defects such as missing insulation, hidden wet areas and hot spots that the average home inspection can miss. Thermal Imaging cameras used to be too expensive an item for the home inspection industry but recent technology and price drops has allowed the our company to invest in this latest technology for the benefit of our clients. Providing Thermal Imaging as part of our Residential and Commercial Inspection service provides our clients with services not available from our competitors. Whether inspecting a home or commercial business our training and expertise makes the our Inspection Services your logical choice to protect your investment. If you are looking for peasce of mind when purchasing a home, we will provide the knowledge and experience to protect your investment

WETT Inspection

Wood Energy Transfer Technology

A $50.00 WETT inspection is available with our residential package. Our Regular price is $150.00. Most insurance companies now require a WETT inspection prior to issuing policy. A WETT inspection involves checking the appliance for certification by a registered agency such as ULC or Warnock Hersey and ensuring all clearance requirements are met. If unit is not certified requirements are more stringent. Chimneys also have to be inspected which requires that they be visible. One common problem often found in older homes is the fireplace hearth usually projects only 12 inches. Today's requirement is 16 inches of non-combustible projection from the front of fireplace. We provide Professional WETT inspection services to all of Simcoe County.

Residential Property Inspections

We have been inspecting Commercial and Residential Properties in Ontario for the past nine years. We have performed over five thousand inspections which have included, houses, condominiums, apartments, stores, plaza's, restaurants, office buildings, industrial complexes, churches and apartment buidlings.

Free Thermal Imaging is offered on all our Residential and Commercial inspections. Combining Thermal Imaging, Training and Experience allows us to offer the Best Inspection package available for your next investment.

Before purchasing your property, a professional home inspection will reduce the risk of unexpected and costly surprises, and help you feel completely comfortable with your home investment decision. As a result of our report, many of our clients have walked away from the inspected property or saved thousands by renegotiating the asking price.

Some of the causes of buyers not purchasing a property have been, mould in building, roof requires replacement, additions or renovations done without a building permit, structural damage or failure, wet basement, galvanizewd plumbing, Knob & Tube wiring, aluminum wiring and asbestos present in the home.

Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware

When a homes systems are renovated or additions are added, it is impossible for a home inspector to see behind enclosed walls and ceilings. That is why we stress to our clients the importance of building permits to ensure that the appropriate inspections were completed before the plumbing, wiring, heating and support sturcture were enclosed. Even a simple item such as not installing a proper vapour barrier can create moisture and mould problems. When it comes to proper building techniques you can not take the sellers word that everything was done correctly. Review building permits, electrical inspections, plumbing inspections and have your home inspected by a Professional Home inspector.